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All nomination enquiries should be directed to Gill on 07826558880 or


UK Stud Fee retained again for 2013 at 600


Download Nomination Form (Word Document) here


To reserve a nomination please complete the nomination form and return it with the stud fee.

Multiple mare discount

For 2 mares belonging to the same owner the stud fee will be reduced to 550 per mare

For 3 or more mares belonging to the same owner the stud fee will be reduced to 525 per mare

Returning mare discount

For mares that have a 2013 foal by Treliver Decanter the stud fee will be reduced to 550 for this year's covering

Other discounts

Contact Gill on 07826558880 or email

Please note only one of the above discounts will apply.


No live foal free return (standing and suckling at 24 hours)

A free return for the same mare for the 2014 season is offered providing a vet certificate is produced to say the mare has not foaled/is not in foal or the foal survived less than 24 hours.


Chilled/fresh semen

Please liaise closely with Gill on 07826558880 regarding time of insemination.

semen will be available from April till the end of July

Chilled semen will be available from Willesley Equine Clinic, Gloucestershire

Semen collection cost 116.41 (inc. VAT) and will be invoiced separately by Willersley.

When ordering semen please phone (NO TEXTS, AS SOME HAVE GONE MISSING) Gill by 10am the day before the semen is required.


No semen will be sent out unless the stud fee has been paid and cheques cleared or bank transfer completed.


The collection and delivery fee is in addition to the stud fee and will be invoiced separately.


*Frozen semen

Please contact Gill on 07826558880

Stallion AI Services

Tullis 01948666295  e-mail:


Bank Transfer Details for stud fees only

Santander Business Banking

G Clothier

Sort Code: 09-06-66

Account No. : 41126808

Clear for CEM, EIA and EVA vaccinated for 2013

       We are delighted to say Decanter had shown excellent fertility Rates again for 2008 and 2009

This is despite the fact that some vets recommend him for use on difficult mares because his semen is such good quality.

They were 70% first cycle pregnancy and a 1.3% average cycles/pregnancy

 Fertility Rates for 2009 are74% first cycle pregnancy and a 1.35 average cycles per pregnancy
(Statistics supplied by Equine Reproduction)

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